NAKANOJO BIENNALE, [ Gunma / Japan ]Wip Exthibition, [ Ibaraki / Japan ]

Project Cover / From SHIRASUNA River

Presentation of the land

To display the unique state of this land in its current form

Since ancient times the flowing rivers have included pH properties which generate corrosion phenomena in substances such as iron. By visualizing this phenomena, we can formulate indices for re-evaluating this land.

In other words, if we imagine the waters of the rivers rooted in this land as its "blood," then we can suppose the (corrosive traces - seeped in rust) layers revealed by pH as the "skin" of the earth. This is an attempt to expose the simplest of elements possessed by this land at its foundation, by covering it with a living existing framework, the Yumoto-ke.

Project Cover / From SHIRASUNA River